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Hands-on Learning and Everyday Technologies in Finnish Preschool Education

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Starting from a very young age, technology plays a significant role in children’s lives. This has created a need to define what technology education for young children is, and how it can be implemented in a child-oriented manner. The purpose of technology education in pre-primary education is to help children understand everyday technology and how it can be used to solve daily life problems (Fox-Turnbull, 2019; Sundqvist & Nilsson, 2018). One main goal of young children’s technology education is to encourage children to observe technology and technological implementations surrounding them, and to evoke their interest in practical, hands-on ways. Working together, and inclusive, experimental and student-oriented activities are at the core of STEAM pedagogy. STEAM uses technology, natural sciences and art as approaches to learning self-direction, interaction skills and critical thinking.

In this article, with the help of some case examples, we will focus on what technology teaching is in Finnish early childhood education.

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