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Quantized Collision/Fusion Events of Anionic Ionosomes at a Polarized Soft Micro-Interface

Julkaisun tekijät: Zhang Jingcheng, Huang Linhan, Fang Taoxiong, Xiang Zhipeng, He Sijia, Peljo Pekka, Gan Shiyu, Huang Xinjian, Deng Haiqiang

Kustantaja: Wiley

Julkaisuvuosi: 2022

Journal: Chemistry - An Asian Journal

eISSN: 1861-471X



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With single-entity collisional electrochemistry, anionic ionosomes (i. e., negatively-charged nanoscopic water clusters wrapped by an ionic bilayer) are quantitatively analysed at a positively polarized micro-water/oil interface. When Cl-ionosomes in the organic phase collide/fuse with the polarized interface formed at the very tip of a micropipette, chloride ions will be released from an ionosome into the water phase manifested as a current spike along the timeline. Fusion mechanism along with sizing of ionosomes are readily uncovered via detailed analysis of the current spikes.

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