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Impact of the number of cryopreserved CD34(+) cells in the infused blood grafts on hematologic recovery and survival in myeloma patients after autologous stem cell transplantation: Experience from the GOA study

List of AuthorsPartanen Anu, Turunen Antti, Silvennoinen Raija, Valtola Jaakko, Pyörälä Marja, Siitonen Timo, Sikiö Anu, Putkonen Mervi, Sankelo Marja, Penttilä Karri, Kuittinen Taru, Mäntymaa Pentti, Pelkonen Jukka, Jantunen Esa, Varmavuo Ville


Publication year2023

JournalJournal of Clinical Apheresis


Journal acronymJ CLIN APHERESIS

Volume number38

Issue number1

Start page33

End page44

Number of pages12






Background: Prospective data on the impact of CD34+ cell loss during cryopreservation and the amount of cryopreserved CD34+ cells infused after high-dose therapy on hematologic recovery and post-transplant outcome in multiple myeloma (MM) are scarce.

Patients and methods: This post-hoc study aimed to investigate factors associating with CD34+ cell loss during cryopreservation and the effects of the infusion of a very low number (<1.0 × 106 /kg, group A), low number (1-1.9 × 106 /kg, group B), and optimal number (≥2 × 106 /kg, group C) of thawed viable CD34+ cells on hematologic recovery, progression free survival, and overall survival after autologous stem cell transplantation among 127 patients with MM.

Results: In group C, pegfilgrastim use (P = 0.001), plerixafor use (P = 0.039), and older age ≥ 60 years (P = 0.026) were associated with less loss of CD34+ cells during cryopreservation. Better mobilization efficacy correlated with greater CD34+ cell loss in group B (P = 0.013 and P = 0.001) and in group C (P < 0.001 and P < 0.001). Early platelet engraftment was slowest in group A (20 d vs 12 d in group B vs 11 d in group C, P = 0.003). The infused viable CD34+ cell count <1.0 × 106 /kg seemed not to have influence on PFS (P = 0.322) or OS (P = 0.378) in MM patients.

Conclusions: Cryopreservation impacts significantly on the CD34+ cell loss. A very low number of graft viable CD34+ cells did not affect PFS or OS.

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