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Digitalization of coastal nature experiences within a collaborative innovation network: Regional
ecosystem branding approach of DigiNature Satakunta project in the west coast of Finland

Julkaisun tekijätPohjola Tuomas, Dimitrovski Darko, Lepistö Tanja, Lemmetyinen Arja

Konferenssin vakiintunut nimiNordic Symposium in Tourism and Hospitality Research


Kirjan nimi *Shaping mobile futures: Challenges and possibilities in precarious times. Book of abstracts

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Covid-19 pandemic has initiated increased attention to digitalizing the visitors' experiences to enhance
accessibility of destinations and the co-creative potential on new technologies. In the situation when
there is no recognizable regional nature experience brand (such as the case with Satakunta, Finland),
its micro brands focused on the specific attractions and experiences should use the benefits of more
cooperative ecosystem branding strategy utilising digitalization and platforms to co-create more
innovative and meaningful brand experiences. The research aims to examine the dynamics of nature
and culture experience-based collaborative innovation ecosystem by depicting the regional network
actors' (public and private companies and community representatives) collaborative efforts to co-create
meaningful and innovative experiences stimulated with modern technology in the context of Satakunta's
regional umbrella brand. Following a network logic, the actors' mutual ties were examined using dynamic
network analysis that acknowledges the importance of spatial and temporal attributes and their
particularities, focusing primarily on the strength of the digitalized nature experiences as a critical factor
in the ecosystem dynamics.   
An ecosystem approach focuses on the dynamic and collaborative value-adding relationships by
investigating the resources and knowledge shared by the diverse stakeholders of the Diginature project
( that contribute towards the regional ecosystem branding.
The Diginature project was identified as a stimulus for creating a collaborative regional innovation
network, using its scientific and practical outputs as the most significant network inputs. Three vital
phases of the network dynamics will be examined, firstly, the layer of pre-project network existence,
secondly project induced ecosystem collaboration, and finally, post-project network capacity to capture
the future perspective of ecosystem evolution.  

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