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Planetary activism at the end of the world: Feminist and posthumanist imaginaries beyond Man

List of AuthorsKarkulehto Sanna, Koistinen Aino-Kaisa, Ugron Nóra

PublisherSAGE Publishing

Publication year2022

JournalEuropean Journal of Women's Studies

Journal acronymEJWS

Volume number29

Issue number4

Start page577

End page592




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We are currently experiencing a planetary crisis that will lead, if worst comes to worst, to the end of the entire world as we know it. Several feminist scholars have suggested that if the Earth is to stay livable for humans and nonhumans alike, the ways in which many human beings – particularly in the wealthy parts of the world, infested with Eurocentrism, (neo)colonialism, neoliberalism, and capitalism – inhabit this planet requires radical, ethical, and political transformation. In this article, we propose that feminist theory, particularly feminist posthumanities, and Black feminist and decolonial thought, together with creative practices such as writing, have much to contribute to transformative planetary activism that imagines different and other kinds of worlds and futures based on an ethical consideration of nonhuman others and collective caring for the planet.

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