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Influence of New Sleeve Composite on Fracture Behavior of Anterior Teeth with Flared Root Canals

List of Authors: Yoshii Shinji, Garoushi Sufuan, Kitamura Chiaki, Vallittu Pekka K, Lassila Lippo

Publication year: 2022

Journal: Polymers

Volume number: 14

Issue number: 19



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We evaluated the fracture strength and failure mode of non-ferrule teeth with flared root canals that were restored using new experimental sleeve composites. Fifty endodontically treated anterior teeth with flared root canals were restored with direct restorations utilizing different techniques. Group A had teeth (non-ferrule) restored using commercialized MI glass fiber post + Gradia Core as core build-up. Group B had teeth (non-ferrule) restored with commercialized i-TFC glass fiber post + sleeve system. In Group C, the teeth (non-ferrule) were restored with an experimental sleeve composite with commercialized MI glass fiber post and Gradia Core. Group D, teeth (non-ferrule), were restored using custom-made tapered E-glass filling post and Gradia Core. Group E, teeth (with ferrule), were restored with commercialized MI glass fiber post + Gradia Core. After core construction, all specimens underwent direct composite crown restoration and were loaded until fracture using a universal testing machine. Average fracture loads were compared, and the failure modes were observed. Group C exhibited significantly greater fracture strength than other groups (p < 0.05). Favorable fracture teeth ratio of group C was more than that of the other groups. Thus, the new experimental sleeve composite could be clinically useful for core construction of non-ferrule teeth.

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