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Remote work and the COVID-19 pandemic: An artificial intelligence-based topic modeling and a future agenda

Julkaisun tekijätAleem Majid, Sufyan Muhammad, Ameer Irfan, Mustak Mekhail

KustantajaElsevier (Commercial Publisher)


JournalJournal of Business Research

Artikkelin numero113303





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As remote work has become more common than ever throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it has drawn special attention from scholars. However, the outcome has been significantly sporadic and fragmented. In our systematic review, we use artificial intelligence-based machine learning tools to examine the relevant extant literature in terms of its dominant topics, diversity, and dynamics. Our results identify-eight research themes: (1) Effect on employees at a personal level, (2) Effect on employees’ careers, (3) Family life and gender roles, (4) Health, well-being, and safety, (5) Labor market dynamics, (6) Economic implications, (7) Remote work management, (8) Organizational remote work strategies. With further content analysis, we structure the sporadic research into three overarching categories. Finally, for each category, we offer a detailed agenda for further research.

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