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Loaded with the Past, Coloring the Present: The Power of Gun Imaginaries

List of Authors: Heiskanen Benita, Butters Albion M, Kolehmainen Pekka M.

Place: Leiden

Publication year: 2022

Book title *: Up in Arms: Gun Imaginaries in Texas

Title of series: European Perspectives on the United States

Volume number: 1

Number of pages: 261

ISBN: 978-90-04-51466-9

eISBN: 978-90-04-51467-6

ISSN: 2666-724X



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This introductory chapter lays out the themes and research design of Up in Arms: Gun Imaginaries in Texas. It explicates the ways in which imaginaries about guns have significant performative power and ramifications for individuals, communities, and the nation. Conceiving of imaginaries as gateways between the real world and ideological abstractions, it elaborates how they serve various important functions, driving legislative efforts, political agendas, community building, and social divisions. The chapter illustrates how the volume uses both historical and contemporary imaginaries as lenses through which to explore and better understand a range of cultural aspects intertwined with gun debates in the United States, and Texas in particular. As a nexus of gun debates, the Lone Star State has built its history, identity, and cultural mythology on stories that depict how gun culture was imagined into the very core of collective identity, built environment, and popular culture—with tangible, real-world consequences.

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