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Stability kernel in finite games with perturbed payoffs

Julkaisun tekijätEmelichev Vladimir, Nikulin Yury

KustantajaSystems Research Institute



JournalControl and Cybernetics

Lehden akronyymiC&C




Lopetussivun numero20



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The parametric concept of equilibrium in a finite cooperative game of several players in a normal form is introduced. This concept is defined by the partitioning of a set of players into coalitions. Two extreme cases of such partitioning correspond to Pareto optimal and Nash equilibrium outcomes, respectively. The game is characterized by its matrix, in which each element is a subject for independent perturbations., ie a set of perturbing matrices is formed by a set of additive matrices, with two arbitrary Hölder norms specified independently in the outcome and criterion spaces. We undertake post-optimal analysis for the so-called stability kernel. The analytical expression for supreme levels of such perturbations is found. Numerical examples illustrate some of the pertinent cases.

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