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Education and the politics of anti-globalization

List of Authors: Rizvi Fazal

Publication year: 2022

Book title *: Reimagining Globalization and Education

ISBN: 978-1-032-07530-3

eISBN: 978-1-003-20752-8




This chapter considers the various ways in which opposition to globalization has been politically articulated. In particular, it examines how the political right has, over the past decade, appropriated many aspects of the left’s anti-globalization critiques, but have employed them to support populist forms of aggressive nationalism, leaving the core ideas of global capitalism unaffected. It identifies some of the major differences in the ideological character of the opposition to globalization by the left and the right, and suggests that anti-globalization sentiments have now become a major site of political struggle over the ways in which the prospects of our future might be conceptualized in most aspects of social life, including education.

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