Article in a professional research book (D2)

ePESSTO+ spectroscopic classification of optical transients #2022-64

List of Authors: Fulton M, Srivastav S, Moore T, Gillanders J, Gutiérrez C, Killestein T, Evans C, Kravtsov T, Anderson J, Chen T-W, Gromadzki M, Benetti S, Inserra C, Kankare E, Bravo T Müller, Nicholl M, Yaron O, Young D, Manulis I, Smartt SJ, Smith KW, Chambers KC, Boer T de, Bulger J, Fairlamb J, Huber M, Lin C-C, Lowe T, Magnier E, Schultz A, Wainscoat RJ, Willman M, Tonry J, Denneau L, Heinze A, Weiland H, Stalder B, Rest A

Publisher: International Astronomical Union

Publication year: 2022

Book title *: Transient Name Server: AstroNote

Journal name in source: Transient Name Server AstroNote

Title of series: Transient Name Server: AstroNote

Number in series: 64


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