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Effects of physical activity intervention on 24-h movement behaviors: a compositional data analysis

List of AuthorsPasanen Jesse, Leskinen Tuija, Suorsa Kristin, Pulakka Anna, Virta Joni, Auranen Kari, Stenholm Sari


Publication year2022

JournalScientific Reports

Journal name in sourceSCIENTIFIC REPORTS

Journal acronymSCI REP-UK

Volume number12

Number of pages9





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We utilized compositional data analysis (CoDA) to study changes in the composition of the 24-h movement behaviors during an activity tracker based physical activity intervention. A total of 231 recently retired Finnish retirees were randomized into intervention and control groups. The intervention participants were requested to use a commercial activity tracker bracelet with daily activity goal and inactivity alerts for 12 months. The controls received no intervention. The 24-h movement behaviors, i.e., sleep, sedentary time (SED), light physical activity (LPA), and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) were estimated from wrist-worn ActiGraph data using the GGIR R-package. Three balance coordinates describing the composition of movement behaviors were applied: ratio of active vs. passive behaviors, LPA vs. MVPA, and sleep vs. SED. A linear mixed model was used to study changes between the baseline and 6-month time point. Overall, the changes in the 24-h movement behaviors were small and did not differ between the groups. Only the ratio of LPA to MVPA tended to change differently between the groups (group*time interaction p = 0.08) as the intervention group increased LPA similarly to controls but decreased their MVPA. In conclusion, the use of a commercial activity tracker may not be enough to induce changes in the 24-h movement behaviors among retirees.

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