A1 Journal article – refereed

An approach to comprehensive genome and proteome expression analyses in Schwann cells and neurons during peripheral nerve myelin formation

List of Authors: Kangas SM, Ohlmeier S, Sormunen R, Jouhilahti EM, Peltonen S, Peltonen J, Heape AM


Publication year: 2016

Journal: Journal of Neurochemistry

Journal name in source: JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY

Journal acronym: J NEUROCHEM

Volume number: 138

Issue number: 6

Number of pages: 15

ISSN: 0022-3042

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/jnc.13722

Peripheral nerve myelination is a complex event resulting from spatially and temporally regulated reciprocal interactions between the neuron and myelin-forming Schwann cells. The dynamic process and the protein functional modules and networks that operate throughout the myelination process are poorly understood because of a lack of methodologies suitable for observing specific changes in the Schwann cell/neuron-unit. The identification of the precise roles for the proteins participating in the functional modules and networks that participate in the myelination process is hindered by the cellular and molecular complexity of the nervous tissue itself. We have developed an approach based on a myelinating dorsal root ganglion explant model that allows distinguishing clear, reproducible and predictable differences between the biochemical properties and the genomic and proteomic expression profiles of both cellular components of the Schwann cell/neuron unit at different stages of the myelination process. This model, derived from E13.5 C57BL/6J mouse embryos, is sufficiently robust for use in identifying the protein functional networks and modules related to peripheral nerve myelin formation. The genomic expression profiles of the selected neuronal, Schwann cell and myelin-specific proteins in the cultures reflect invivo profiles reported in the literature, and the structural and ultrastructural properties of the myelin, as well as the myelination schedule of the cultures, closely resemble those observed in peripheral nerves insitu. The RNA expression data set is available through NCBI gene expression omnibus accession GSE60345.We have developed a reproducible and robust cell culture-based approach, accompanied by a genome-wide expression data set, which allows studying myelination in the peripheral nervous system at the proteomic and transcriptomic levels in Schwann cells and neurons. Myelinating dorsal root explant cultures, prepared from C57BL/6J mouse embryos, present distinct developmental stages comparable to those observed in a peripheral nerve insitu. This model can be used for identifying the protein functional networks and modules related to peripheral nerve myelin formation.

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