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SQS - Suomen Queer-tutkimuksen Seuran Lehti - Tidskrift för Queerforskning i Finland - Journal of Queer Studies in Finland – Erikoisnumero

Alaotsikko: Erikoisnumero

Julkaisun tekijät: Carlson Mikko, Ilmonen Kaisa

Paikka: Turku

Julkaisuvuosi: 2013

Journal: SQS : Journal of Queer Studies in Finland

Volyymi: 1-2/2012

ISSN: 1796-5551

Verkko-osoite: http://www.helsinki.fi/jarj/sqs/sqs12_12/sqs_contents12_12.html

SQS: Journal of Queer Studies in Finland is a trilingual publication welcoming articles, commentaries, and reviews written in Finnish, Swedish, and English. While SQS seeks to question existing normativities, including academic ones, it still insists on standards that ensure the validity and reliability of research. Hence SQS functions as a peer-reviewed academic journal. The anonymity of the writers and referees is maintained to ensure the impartiality of the referees’ comments. Articles submitted will be peer reviewed by at least two referees who are experts in the author’s particular field. Texts other than articles and essays — commentaries, reviews, and so forth — are reviewed by the editorial board.

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