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Digital disability divide in information society: A framework based on a structured literature review

List of Authors: Sachdeva N, Tuikka A, Kimppa KK, Suomi R

Publisher: Emerald

Publication year: 2015

Journal: Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society

Journal name in source: Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society

Journal acronym: JICES

Volume number: 13

Issue number: 3/4

Start page: 283

End page: 298

Number of pages: 16





– The purpose of this paper is to create a conceptual framework, based on a structured literature review, to analyze the digital disability divide and help find solutions for it. A digital disability divide exists between people with impairments and those without impairments. Multiple studies have shown that people without impairments are less likely to own a computer or have an Internet connection than are people with impairments. However, the digital disability divide is seen in relation not only to access but also to accessibility and use. For people with impairments, new technological innovations offer solutions for everyday challenges, such as finding information, communicating with others and using electronic services.


– For this study, 4,778 conference and journal publications were systematically analyzed.


– A number of key findings emerged. This field is relatively new, and the literature is highly focused on the technological and social aspects of the digital disability divide, with technology and societal attributes being the core sub-attributes for a comprehensive model. The previous literature did not significantly study the consequences of the financial situation of individuals; rather, the predominant focus was on the have-nots and countries with low income potentials. Furthermore, motivation reveals a compelling case within the digital disability divide subset.


– The review provides a consolidated view of past research on the general topic of the digital disability divide and the attributes that affect it.

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