Heta Aali
 PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher


Cultural History, Medievalism, History of France, Nineteenth-Century Cultural History, Historiography, Gender History, History of French Monarchy, History of Queenship


I defended my PhD thesis in 2017 and currently I am working as a postdoctoral researcher in the three-year project called The Ancient Finnish Kings: a computational study of pseudohistory, medievalism and history politics in contemporary Finland and Russia funded by the Emil Aaltonen Foundation. I am also preparing a volume on the French royal women, queenship, and uses of history in early nineteenth-century France for Palgrave Macmillan's series Queenship and Power.


My main interest is the use of medieval history in different political and historical contexts. My primary expertise is the early nineteenth-century France and especially French monarchy, historiography, and medievalism. Currently I am focusing also on the twenty-first-century Finnish and international medievalism. In addition my research interests include gender history (especially history of queenship), political uses of history, and generally cultural history of France.


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