Ville Lauttamäki
D.Sc. (Econ.)

Rehtorinpellonkatu 3


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Areas of expertise
Sustainability transitions; Renewable energy; Futures Workshop methods; Delphi method; Corporate foresight


Ville Lauttamäki has worked in numerous
research, development and education projects with the FFRC since 2004.
Focal themes in the projects have related to futures of environment,
energy and security issues. Lately his special area of interest has been
studying societal change towards sustainability, i.e. sustainability
transitions, especially regarding energy issues. Objective in his
forthcoming research is to combine ideas, frameworks and methods from
the field of sustainability transitions with those developed and
commonly used in the field of futures studies.

In 2018 Lauttamäki defended his doctoral thesis on
past and future development paths of utilising ground source heat pumps
in space heating in Finland. The thesis presented issues shaping
selection environment of heating choices over time and discussed
characteristics of several potential future development paths.


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