Sanna Qvick
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School of History, Culture and Arts Studies; Musicology

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Musicology; Film music; Soundtrack; Fairytale film; Audio-visuality; close reading;


MA Sanna Qvick is preparing her musicological dissertation to University of Turku. She is a doctoral student in Doctoral Programme in History, Culture and Arts Studies (Juno) and in Finnish Doctoral Network for Music Research.

She worked as researcher in PhD Susanna Välimäki’s project Finnish Music in the 21st Century: The Socio-Cultural Significance of Art Music in the Postmodern World.

Qvick has been on the committee of Finnish Musicological Society, which publishes for example a peer-reviewed quarterly journal Musiikki. In 2020, she acted as a visiting editor together with Dr Anna-Elena Pääkkölä and Dr Tiina Käpylä in a popular culture themed issue of Nuorisotutkimus journal (a publication of Finnish Youth Research Society).

In 2022 she finished basic studies in teaching pedagogics at the subject of university pedagogy.

As hobby she plays violin with symphony orchestra Akademiska Orkestern vid Åbo Akademi.

In 2022, Qvick performed the basics of teacher studies in university pedagogy.

As a hobby, Qvick also plays first violin in the symphony orchestra Akademiska Orkestern vid Åbo Akademi.


Her research project (dissertation) deals with the narrative strategies of soundtracks in Finnish fairytale films. Qvick is interested in among other things how the soundtrack creates the fairy tale world. Her research data is comprised of six films, which were made between 1949 and 2004.

Qvick has written academic articles and book chapters on film music. They are listed in Publications. She uses audiovisual analysis and critical close reading as her methods while examining different theories and concepts of film music and music research.


She has given many lectures based on her dissertation work on lecture courses, and she has taught intermediate level courses. She has also been acting as course coordinator on several method courses of audiovisual culture, film music studies and close reading. Her latest teaching effort was the course on History of Western Art Music.

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