Maiju Kannisto

ORCID identifier:

Areas of expertise
cultural history, media history, media industry, journalism


Maiju Kannisto works at Research Career Unit. She coordinates the Doctoral Programme in Nursing Science.

Kannisto received her PhD. in Cultural
History from the University of Turku in  2018. Kannisto’s Ph.D.
dissertation analyzed the change in Finnish media culture between the
1980s and the 2000s. Kannisto’s research interests also include journalism studies, media industry
studies and media history.

At JMC, Maiju Kannisto worked as a
postdoctoral researcher in the project titled “Tragediauutisoinnin haasteet –
median mahdollisuudet käsitellä kouluampumisia.” The research project explored the media coverage of the 2018 high school shootings in
Parkland, Florida. The project focused on ethical perspectives in journalism and intermedial relations between online news and social media activism.

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