Nadia Nava Contreras
Project Researcher

International History, National Imaginaries, Mexico's 20th Century History, Cultures of the Internet, Contemporary Cuba


I work as a researcher in the CUBAFLUX project, funded by the Kone Foundation. My research revolves around the effects of Cuba's recent, state-led digital revolution in people's lives, focusing on the transnational public sphere and the emergence of new digital economies. This Fall, I will be the instructor in charge of the Current Issues Seminar "Cuba-U.S. Relations in Flux."

I hold a master's degree in History of the Americas from Universidad Michoacana (Mexico), and I am currently completing a doctoral degree in political history at the University of Helsinki. I have experience teaching  Mexican history and commenting on current Mexican and Cuban issues in the media.  


In the CUBAFLUX Project I have focused on 1) urban imaginaries in social media, 2) youth internet cultures and the appearance of Cuban influencers, and 3) digital diaspora experiences. Methodologically, my research combines mobile team ethnography, digital ethnography and visual/discourse analysis. 

My previous work has been guided by a broad interest in Interamerican relations and Mexico's historical ties with Europe. My doctoral dissertation on Mexican-Finnish relations during the 20th Century, explores the construction of mutual imaginaries with an emphasis on printed culture. 


In the past, I have taught Mexican history and culture at the undergraduate level, including a course in the University of Helsinki. I have broad experience teaching history and social sciences in Mexican highschools. 


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