Anu Kajamies

+358 29 450 3613

+358 50 339 4626

Assistentinkatu 5


Office: 374

Areas of expertise
Teacher-student interaction; scaffolding; low achievers; video analysis; early education


Anu Kajamies aims to advance understanding of learning and support by teachers, peers, learning environments, and parents as intertwined, dynamic, and multi‐domain processes. Methodologically, she develops tools to systematically analyze long-term support, learning, and engagement dynamics. With these tools, in her studies interactions are empirically scrutinized to unveil challenges and success in calibrating support elements to student’s needs. Learning outcomes are combined with interaction analyses to explore complex relationships between processes and outcomes of learning. Kajamies promotes teachers’ professional development in adapting support to the needs of their students from different skill levels by developing educational practices with theory-based interventions.

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