Eeva Hallikainen

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Areas of expertise
Art history in Finland and in the Baltic Sea region; early 20th century art; painting


in 1994 (art history, University of Turku), Doctoral Student in
the School of History, Culture and Art Studies at University of Turku from
autumn 2019.

retiring in autumn 2018 I worked at the Open University of University of Turku
teaching art history and working as a training coordinator and course designer
in humanities. Additionally, I gave lectures to degree students. My working
career also includes shorter job contracts related to visual arts, and I have
written some articles and given lectures connected with my reseach subject.

I completed my studies
at Turku Art Society’s Drawing School in 1976.


I am writing my
doctoral thesis at the University of Turku about Finnish artist Tyko Sallinen
(1879–1955) and his paintings dealing with religious themes. The current
working title of my research is ”Artist and spirituality in the early 20th
century: religious themes in Tyko Sallinen’s paintings”. 

Keywords: painting, religious
art, spirituality, Laestadianism, Evangelical Lutheranism, Orthodoxy,
Freemasonry, iconographic research, close-reading, biographical research,
contextual research.


University of Turku, open university 19952018: art history,
basic and intermediate studies, lectures, multi-form education, net courses.

University of Turku, Baltic Sea Region Studies 1997–2016: Baltic Sea Region in Art History -lectures.

Outside University of Turku in 1990s: teaching visual
arts, oil painting and art history in diverse institutions.


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