Anni Pakarinen
Postdoctoral Researcher, PhD, MHSc, RN

+358 29 450 4711

+358 50 440 9740

Kiinamyllynkatu 10


ORCID identifier:

Areas of expertise
Health promotion, Digital health, Digital interventions, Gamification, health games, Wellbeing of children, adolescents and families, Case management, Design Thinking


I am a registered nurse (medical-surgical) and PhD (nursing science). Currently, I am working as a Senior researcher and Research Manager in the Department of Nursing Science. 


My research focuses on health
promotion and digital interventions, particularly on serious games
and gamified applications. My research approaches the topic from many perspectives; development
through user-centered design process, evaluation of the usability, feasibility
and effectiveness of the intervention, as well as the implementation process of
digital interventions. The research aims to provide both the knowledge and
methods to support the work of professionals, to promote the health of
individuals and to support the use of high-quality and evidence-based digital
interventions in health and social care for disease prevention, treatment and
rehabilitation. The aim is also to provide information that can be used in the
design and development of new digital interventions for health promotion


Currently and during next semester, I am teaching in the following courses: Digital culture and health (Asklepios), Research and reportage in Nursing Science, Evidence based practice, Design Thinking in healthcare innovation, Design thinking for healthcare and Case management (continuing education). I also teach to Future Health and Technology-international master students in following courses: Research and reportage in Nursing Science and Digitalisation supporting Clinical Nursing. I also supervise students in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level. 

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