Minna Sandelin


+358 29 450 3371

+358 50 575 3500

Arcanuminkuja 1


Office: 224

ORCID identifier: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8884-5790

Pohjoismaiset kielet/Nordiska språk


Areas of expertise
Swedish language: language history; Old Swedish, legal language; syntax; information structure


I am Ph. Lic. in Scandinavian Philology, University of Turku and my studies also include linguistics, Finnish language and pedagogy. Some parts of the studies I have done at University of Uppsala in Sweden. At the moment I work on my doctoral thesis. My current occupation at University of Turku is lecturer at the Department of Scandinavian Languages, the School of Language and Translation Studies.


My research interests cover the
earliest period of Swedish language written in latin letters, the Early
Old Swedish period (1225-1375). During this time there were several
provincial laws produced in written form, for example the law of Uppland
and these laws form the empirical part of my study. My research
questions focus on the one hand on the syntactical structure and on the
other on the information structure in the laws and how these two
language levels co-operate in creating cohesion in the medieval legal
texts. Indefinite subjects, word order and topicalization are some of
the topics in my research. 


Text production, pronounciation, language history.


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