Henna Tamminen
 PhD, University Teacher

Phonetics and LAB-lab


+358 50 362 6100

Koskenniemenkatu 4



ORCID identifierhttps://orcid.org/0000-0003-1845-0854

Tanssi uhanalaisten kielten ja foneettisen maailman tulkkina -hanke

Areas of expertise
Phonetics; second language learning; speech perception



My research interests are foreign language speech perception learning, bilingual speech perception, second language training, pre-attentive speech processing, and production learning of non-native speech.

I am a member of a research group working at the Learning, Age & Bilingualism laboratory (LAB-lab). I am currently also working in research project Tanssi uhanalaisten kielten ja foneettisen maailman tulkkina (Kone Foundation, P.I. professor Maija S. Peltola, 2022-2024).


I have given small group teaching and lecture courses on different topics in phonetics. I have supervised theses on BA and MA levels in Phonetics and in Speech-Language Pathology.

Taught courses since 2007:

Basic level courses: Phonology/Speech Sound Systems and Phonology, Introduction to Experimental Methods, Acoustic Phonetics I, Speech Acoustics (team-taught), Introduction to General Linguistics

Intermediate level courses: Acoustic Phonetics II, Pronunciation and Transcription, Research Project, Phonetics Reading Group, Intermediate Studies Book Exams and Essays, BA Thesis Seminar

Advanced level courses: Research Project, Phonetics Reading Group, Speech Signal Analysis (team-taught), Different Topics in Phonetics (team-taught), Advanced Studies Essays, MA Thesis Seminar

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