Heidi Salmi


+358 29 450 3368

+358 50 521 8984

Hämeenkatu 1 A 14

Areas of expertise
Finnish language; old literary Finnish; the change of Finnish language; grammar; Mikael Agricola's language; adpositions, old grammar's of Finnish language


I received my Master’s degree in Finnish language in 2002. After graduation I worked as a research assistant in the Academy of Finland funded study “The morphosyntactic database and scientific edition of Mikael Agricola’s works” in 2004-2007 and after that as an assistant in the Finnish language department. I defended my PhD thesis on Mikael Agricola’s adpositions in 2011. I worked as a postgraduate researcher until 2018 and as a university teacher since that. I also teach Finnish language and culture (for non-native speakers). I was awarded the title of adjunct professor in 2020.


My research is in old Finnish texts between 1500-1800. I have specialized in Mikael Agricola’s writings. I have also studied Finnish grammars published between 1500-1800. Adpositions have been a central theme in many of my studies, and I am interested in the grammar. My research also includes quite a lot of contrastive research because many of the old texts are translations from Swedish, German and Latin.


My teaching curriculum has changed a lot over the years, and I have experience in teaching a variety of subjects. For Finnish language students I teach especially courses on the development of Finnish language and scientific writing. For students of Finnish language and culture (for non-native speakers) I teach Finnish literature, Finnish phonology and morphology and scientific writing. I also work as a teacher tutor, and I supervise master’s theses in old Finnish written language.

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