Kati Renvall
PhD, Adjunct Professor (FIN: dosentti) Senior Lecturer


Assistentinkatu 7


Office: 342

ORCID identifier: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3329-4602

Areas of expertise
I am a speech pathologist and PhD in psychology. I work as a senior lecturer at the University of Turku and hold titles of Adjunct Professor (University of Helsinki, Finland) and Honorary Senior Research Fellow (Macquarie University, Australia). My areas of expertise include cognitive neuropsychology of language, aphasia, word-finding, anomia, assessment and treatment of adult neurogenic language disorders. I supervise BA, MA and PhD research/theses.

My ultimate research aims could be summarised as an attempt to develop "theoretically motivated, clinically possible, and functionally relevant intervention programs for people with aphasia and other neurogenic communication disorders". I am particularly interested in word retrieval, its impairments (anomia), and treatment. I mainly use methodology adopted from the cognitive neuropsychological approach. However, I am also curious what the modern brain imaging technology has to offer. Currently, I am conducting studies which will hopefully provide valuable insights into extending word retrieval treatment from concrete nouns - as in traditional speech therapy - to more abstract concepts, such as adjectives. 


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