Olli Kleemola
Dosentti, Valtiotieteiden tohtori / Dr. Soc. Sci, adjunct professor


Assistentinkatu 7


ORCID identifier: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4442-8263

Areas of expertise
- Enemy images - War photography - War propaganda - Photography as a source for historical research - ”New military history” - Trench art - Prisoners of war - Germany before 1945


Olen opiskellut Turun yliopistossa poliittista historiaa vuosina 2006–2011. Valtiotieteiden maisteriksi valmistuin 2011, valtiotieteiden tohtoriksi puolestaan 2017. Tutkimustyön ohella toimin Ab Sigillum Oy:n kustannusjohtajana sekä tieteellisen sarjamme Bibliotheca Sigillumianan toimituskunnan puheenjohtajana. Olen myös mukana Ennen & Nyt journaalin toimituskunnassa ja Turun historiallisen yhdistyksen julkaisutoimikunnassa. Olen niin ikään jäsenenä Julkaisufoorumin historian alan paneelissa 2022–2025.


Ongoing Projects

The War Veterans and the Finnish Society 1940–2020 (2020–) 

This project aims to offer a complete view on the organisations formed by the invalids and veterans of the Second World War in Finland, their activities as well as the different forms of help and support the veterans recieved from the Finnish society during the years.

The Key images of Finnish history project (2017-)
This project has received funding from Alfred Kordelin Foundation and Ella ja Georg Ehrnrooth Foundation.

My research aims to find out how Finland, Finnish history and Finnish identity have been constructed by use of photography in Finland and abroad. The outcome of this study helps us to understand how to use pictures more effectively in communications. Building process of the Finnish national state has created a demand for production of desired kind of Finnishness among the nation. This building process happened simultaneously with the development of modern photography.The research project uses a wide range of visual sources. 

Changing threats and mechanisms of surveillance in Finland (2018-)
This project has received funding from Kone Foundation.

I´m taking part in Changing threats and mechanisms of surveillance in Finland –project. The project is about Finnish domestic security in 200 years of timespan from the early 19th century to the present.  We focus in the security threats of Finnish society, associated institutions and mechanisms of control. Historical research enables clarification of the long time trends of control policy and security mindset. Our research questions are: How and with what grounds did different actors make their perception about threats? What kind of strategy did the authorities build on based on these threats? What kind of national and international context do the threats and mechanisms for preventing these treats form in? What kind of direct and indirect impacts do the treats and strategies of the authorities have?

Past projects

Photographs and History (2016-2018)
This project has received funding from Alfred Kordelin Foundation.
This book edited by D.S.Sc. Olli Kleemola and M.A. Silja Pitkänen focuses in the use of photos as historical sources:  Why photographs are essential sources in history? How they have been used in research? How we can use them? What kinds of methods can be used in research? We also review, analyze and comment contemporary discussions about photography as an academic source.

The book was published in 2018 in the K&H series by School of History, Culture and Arts Studies and can be downloaded here: https://www.utupub.fi/handle/10024/148456.


Opetukseni pohjautuu kulloinkin meneillään olevaan tutkimukseeni ja siinä esille nouseviin teemoihin. Opetusmuotoina suosin luento- ja lukupiiriopetuksen lisäksi verkkokursseja, joita olen järjestänyt Historian valtakunnallisen verkko-opetuksen puitteissa. Olen myös suorittanut Yliopistopedagogiikan perusteet -opintokokonaisuuden.

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