Sajjad Vakili Shahrbabaki

Office: 254

ORCID identifier:

Areas of expertise
Animal behaviour, Physiology of behaviour, Behavioural ecology, anthropogenic impacts on behaviour


I completed my previous studies in veterinary medicine. My initial research experience took place on the physiology of behaviour, studying the physiological mechanisms of behavioral abnormalities in laboratory models of neurodevelopmental disorders. I'm excited to mix findings from natural and human sciences to elaborate a better understanding of the behavioural mechanisms in non-human animals. Especially, I am interested to search for the impact of the environment in which the behaviour occurs and thus: 

1- Studying how the species cope with the changing environment 

2- What are the physiological pathways, triggering the changes observed in behaviour 

3- inter and intra-individual behavioural difference 


For my PhD, I'm studying the incubation behaviour of two waterfowl species in the Baltic Sea, under the pressure of human-induced chemical contaminants, temperature variations, and predation thread. For that aim, I am using artificial eggs, equipped with state-of-the-art data loggers to record the incubation patterns of females. In summary:

1- I am interested in the impact of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) on incubation behaviour and related hormonal levels

2- I study the capacity of females in maintaining an optimum condition for the eggs during incubation; i.e., how they respond to the presence of predators, human disturbance, and temperature instabilities, depending on individual female characteristics


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