Samuel Rauhala
 Bachelor of Social Sciences, Economics

  • Project ResearcherStatistics (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)


Areas of expertise
Econometrics, time series


I am a reasearch assistant in the Department of mathematics and statistics as well as a master's student in Economics. I've been a research assistant since 2022 and I graduated with a bachelor's in social sciences (economics) in the same year. I am about to graduate with master's during the spring of 2023. I am also doing a master's in statistics.

My research focuses on macroeconometrics.


My research is on macroeconometrics with a particular focus on time series econometrics.


I am assisting in statistics course "Linear and Generalized Linear Models" at the University of Turku. I've also worked as an assistant in the economics course "KT33 Microeconomic Theory I" at the same university.

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