Samuli Hurri
LL.D., Title of Docent

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Office: 3102

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Areas of expertise
Legal theory and philosophy; case argumentation analysis; interdisciplinary case study methods; politics of knowledge.


I have been Senior Lecturer at University of Turku since September 2021, before which I worked in the Academy of Finland. I studied law at University of Helsinki and earned my doctorate there in 2011. Since then, I have worked mostly in interdisciplinary insitututions and projects, such as the Center of Excellence in the Foundations of European Law and Polity (2008-2013) and the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (2014-2017). I have spearheaded a research project on Legal Language of Moral Struggles (2016-2019) and a research team called Problematizations which had questions of language, knowledge and power in foucus (2018-2020). 


My research currently consist of exploring human and basic rights, on the one hand, and sustainable development, on the other hand, as global languages of power and governing. My research background is in Foucaultian study of power and knowledge, in Ancient philosophy and forensic rhetoric, as well as in analysis of case argumentation of European transnational courts. The most recent area that I have only just begun to research is the case argumentation of the U.S. Supreme Court. 


Currently I give courses in U.S. Supreme Court jurisprudence dealing with controversial political issues such as race, religion, abortion and gun control; and in Sustainable Development Goals as they come forth in climate litigation. I am developing pedagogy for exploratory workshops, where one of the goals is to facilitate a genuine experience of research, that is, of the gravitational pull of mystery, adventure and the unknown.


  • Birth of the European Individual. Law, Economy, Security (2014) This book examines the birth of the European individual as a juridical problem, focusing on legal case dossiers from the European Court of Justice as an electrifying laboratory for the study of law and society. Foucault’s story of the modern subject constitutes the book’s main theoretical inspiration, as it considers the encounter between legal and other practices within a more general field of juridical power: a network of active relations, between different social spheres.

    Through the analysis of delinquent individuals – each expelled from one of the Member States – the raw material for constructing the idea of the European individual is uncovered. The European individual, it is argued, emerged out of the intersection of regimes of law, security and economy, and its practices of knowledge-power.

    Birth of the European Individual: Law, Security, Economy will be of interest to those studying the individual in law, as well as anyone considering the relationships between power and the individual.

    C1 Scientific book)

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