Sanna Ahvenharju
M. Soc.Sc.

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+358 50 320 1149

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Office: 3.29

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Futures Consciousness research team

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Areas of expertise
Futures consciousness; Futures research; Environmental & Natural resource policy; Sustainable consumption policy; Sustainable development; Innovation policy; Ecoinnovations; Municipal environmental management; Sustainable transport and mobility; Policy and strategy development; Project management; Facilitation methods; Public participation & Communications;


Sanna begun her PhD in 2014 on the future images of the decision makers as enablers of sustainable development. 

From the time before her PhD project, Sanna has over 20 years of
experience in sustainable development policy and governance. As a consultant
she has been responsible for leading complex projects related to sustainable
development and innovation policy and assessment processes that were
commissioned by the government, ministries or state agencies. She has also
worked in NGOs with municipal level sustainability policies in Finland, Germany
and Lithuania. Her skills are especially in project management, strategic
development and facilitation of participatory processes. 

Sanna's research interests cover sustainable development, sustainable consumption policy and future consciousness. Her PhD project focuses on Finnish decision makers’ future consciousness, images of the future and their understanding of sustainable development. The aim is to develop ways to research future consciousness, measure it and analyse how it is represented in interviews with decision makers. In addition, the project studies how conscious the decision makers are of the challenges related to sustainable consumption and how do they understand these challenges.


Current responsibilities:

Lectures on futures learning with the help of futures consciousness and using futures consciousness scale.  Supervising masters students.

Other topics:

Sustainable consumption, sustainable development, policy 


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