Marek Fields
PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher

Arcanuminkuja 1


Areas of expertise
Cold War, media history, cultural diplomacy, propaganda, The United Kingdom, The United States, international communications


In my doctoral dissertation, which I defended at the University of Helsinki in 2015, I examined British and American propaganda and cultural diplomacy in Finland during the early Cold War decades. After my graduation I have continued doing research in the fields of media history and cultural diplomacy and have, for instance, published an extended monograph based on my thesis in English as well as a popular version of my study in Finnish.

Since July 2021 I have worked as a doctoral researcher at the University of Turku under the ‘Mission Finland – Cold War Cultural Diplomacy at the Crossroads of East and West’ project.


In the ‘Mission Finland – Cold War Cultural Diplomacy at the Crossroads of East and West’ project my role is to focus on American and British cultural diplomacy in Finland, in particular during the latter decades of the Cold War. Topics under closer examination include films, visiting artists, language teaching and educational and cultural exchange programmes, as well as cultural promotion through various media channels. Western activities in Finland were to a considerable extent determined by Finland’s geopolitical position, and one of my objectives is to explore how the period of so-called Finlandisation and, later, the end of the Cold War shaped the contents and methods of implementation of the aforementioned cultural programmes.

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