Ahmed Abdelmagid



Areas of expertise
thin film fabrication and characterization; perovskites; quantum dots; conducting polymers; organic optoelectronic devices; semiconductor device physics; photonics and optics.


I have received my first master's degree in Materials Science from Alexandria University, Egypt in 2018. The aim of my master thesis was to optimize different hole transporting layers based on conducting polymer for perovskite photovoltaics. In 2020, I obtained a second master's degree in Photonics from the University of Eastern Finland. I did my master thesis internship at the large area electronics group at imec, Leuven, Belgium where my work focused on fine-tuning of QDs surface chemistry for enhanced light detection in the SWIR region. 


My current research is devoted to studying strong light-matter coupling in TADF-based OLEDs and further, developing highly efficient OLED devices by merging TADF OLEDs and polaritons. My experimental work involves designing and fabrication of OLED devices as well as optical microcavities. Moreover, performing time-resolved electroluminescence and photoluminescence measurements as well as momentum-space micro-spectroscopy for the device investigation. 

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