Jeremias Nieminen

  • Doctoral Researcher, Economics (Department of Economics)
  • Doctoral Student, Economics (Department of Economics)

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I'm a PhD Candidate in Economics at the University of Turku. I have research interests in public economics, political economics, and labor economics. 


Work in progress:

(1) Behavior and effectiveness of decentralized employment offices, with O. Kanninen & H. Karhunen.

(2) Political representation and the evolution of group differences within parties, with S. Simola & J. Tukiainen

(3) Does the presence of TV cameras affect polarization in parliamentary speech?, with S. Simola & J. Tukiainen


Teaching experince:

Teaching Assistant, Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, Fall 2022

Teaching Assistant, Advanced Public Economics, Spring 2022

Teacher, Bachelor's thesis seminar, Fall 2020 & Fall 2021

MyTeacher for Economics (BSocSc/MSocSc) students, 9/2021 -


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