Antti Miihkinen
University Lecturer in Accounting (Ph.D.)

ORCID identifier:

Areas of expertise
Risk disclosures
Corporate disclosures (both mandatory and voluntary)
Corporate governance (e.g. board characteristics)
Auditing and assurance of disclosures
Accounting education


Dear fellow!

I did my business studies at the Helsinki School of Economics and defended my
thesis in 2013 at the Department of Accounting of the Aalto University School
of Business. My dissertation topic was on corporate risk and transition
disclosures in the IFRS era. After that, I have worked for two years as a
visiting scholar at the University of Florida (UF) and as a post-doc-scholar at
Aalto University. In 2018 I also visited three months at the University of
Technology, Sydney (UTS). Starting in August 2020, I am working as a University
Lecturer at the Turku School of Economics (University of Turku) where I work at
the Department of Accounting and Finance. In addition, I continue my work as a grant
scholar at the Accounting Department of the Aalto University School of Business.
My research interests are in corporate disclosures (especially risk reporting)
and other topics relating to corporate governance (e.g. board characteristics),
auditing and assurance, and accounting education. I have served on the
editorial board of The International Journal of Accounting since the beginning
of the year 2020. I have completed the teacher’s pedagogical studies in
university pedagogy.

My hobby is track & field. Earlier I competed in decathlon and nowadays I
like to participate in masters athletics competitions in my age group. In 2019
I competed in the European Masters Athletics Championships in Caorle in Italy
in javelin throw and throwing pentathlon. I was sixth in the javelin throw and
third in the throwing pentathlon. Masters sports is a nice, not so serious
hobby… except after the competition starts:) I like to practice, for example,
by jogging and doing weight training. I also like couple dancing. I have
participated in several dance courses during the last ten years. My other
hobbies are fishing and photographing. This year I was relatively successful in
lure fishing with my rod. I caught many pikes, one big piece of wood which
resembled a pike and a clam. I also like to eat fish dishes from the plate. In
the future, I would like to learn juggling with four balls which seems to be much
more difficult than with three balls.

My future job goals are that I would develop in many areas of teaching and
research. I would like to do impactful research that benefits science and practice.
I would also like to teach at various levels of education and to be able to
transfer new knowledge from science to our students who are making important
future decisions in our society.

Best regards,
Antti Miihkinen

  • Financial Accounting and Auditing, Fall
    2020 (master level course, 6 cr.)
  • Master’s thesis seminar, Department of Accounting and Finance,
    starting Fall 2020
  • IAS/IFRS-Financial
    Reporting Standards (bachelor level course, 3 cr.)
  • Bachelor’s
    thesis seminar, Department of Accounting and Finance, Spring 2021
  • Futures
    thinking, personal skills and project, Spring 2021, (bachelor level course, 5
  • Executive
    Education (EMBA) in module "Balanced strategic management and corporate
    governance", December 2020 - January 2021


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