Mari Anttila

  • University Teacher, Social Policy (Department of Social Research)
  • Doctoral Candidate, Social Policy (Department of Social Research)

+358 29 450 4022

+358 50 597 1110

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Areas of expertise
work-life conflict; work-life boundaries


I work as a doctoral researcher in the European Social Survey (ESS) team in Finland at the Department of Social Research. I study work-life conflicts and work-life boundaries.

I graduated Master of Social Sciences in 2021 and started my PhD thesis at the beginning of 2022. Before starting my doctoral thesis,  worked as an intern, research assistant and project researcher in the field of Social policy since 2020.


In my doctoral thesis, I study changes in work-life conflict in the 21st century in European countries. My dissertation also deals with the boundaries between work and other life spheres.



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