Jaakko Järvi
Dean of Faculty of Technology


+358 29 450 3476

+358 44 526 0799

ORCID identifier: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3418-7366

Areas of expertise
software engineering; programming languages; generic programming; user interface programming; dataflow constraint systems


Jaakko Järvi joined the University of Turku as a professor of software engineering in 2020. He has served as the head of the Department of Future Technologies (now Dept. of Computing) in 2020, and since 2021 as the dean of the Faculty of Technology.  He has formerly held academic positions at University of Bergen, Norway (professor, 2016–2019), Texas A&M University (assistant/associate professor 2004—2016), and Indiana University (postdoc, 2001—2004). The fall of 2013 he worked as a visiting scientist at Adobe System Inc. in San Jose, CA. Järvi's PhD is from the University of Turku (2000). 


In the broadest sense, my field of research is software construction. More specifically, my research contributions have been in such areas as programming language design (many contributions to standard C++), generic and generative programming,  type systems, and software library design. In the past few years, I have focused on user interfaces and their programming declartively using a programming model based on multiway dataflow constraint systems.


I currently teach a seminar in Software Engineering and advise MSc/BSc theses on topics related to software research. I have in the past taught and developed courses at several universities, at undergraduate and graduate levels, on Programming Languages, Programming Language Design, Concurrent Programming, Generic Programming, Software Engineering, project-based classes on software construction, Program Specification, and User Interface Programming.


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