Juho Aalto

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ihmisoikeudet, oikeusteoria, feministiset oikeuden näkökulmat, uusmaterialismi, neomaterialismi, oikeus ja sukupuoli


My research interests situates in sexualities and how the legal system constructs its sexed/gendered subjects. For the moment I am theoretically engaging with (feminist) new materialisms for investigating how dualisms are foundational in paradigmatic Western thought. 

Currently the focus of my doctoral dissertation lies in the centrality of sex/gender binary in relation to law and how societies and law construct different sexes/genders and sexual orientations - both discursively and materially. Furthermore, law is thought to be abstract according to paradigmatic legal thinking. This abstraction of law can be questioned by investigating whether law might have material effects and itself be materializing in reality. The dissertation approaches this issue through binaries such as sex/gender and heterosexual/homosexual and how the binary thinking, (that feminist scholars would argue is also a hierarchy, where masculine>feminine, and queer theorists would supplement  with another: heterosexuality>homosexuality) in addition to its discursive power to regulate sexed/gendered behaviour, could also manifest itself in and through bodies themselves.   


Olen toiminut vierasluennoitsija Law and Gender -kurssilla 2020-2021, jossa vastuullani oli post-feminististen ja queer teorian opetus. Lisäksi toimin prosessioikeuden oppiainetehtävässä.


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