Suni Mathew
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Plant molecular biology; Gene characterisation and expression; microbiomes


I am a molecular biologist intrigued by the interactions between organisms or gene networks between living functional units. My doctoral dissertation was on molecular characterisation and expression of signaling genes related to abiotic stress in Hevea brasiliensis. Following, I was a post-doc at the University of Jyväskylä working on the project 'seasonality in boreal plant microbiomes', determining factors shaping endophyte communities in plants. Presently working as post-doc researcher at Biodiversity Unit, University of Turku on the project 'Microbe-promoted grass production in sustainable agriculture'.


Factors shaping microbiomes

All living organisms harbour microbial communities (microbiomes) that contribute various host survival functions including nutrition, stress responses and disease resistance. I study the effects of anthropogenic activities, specifically the effect of agricultural pesticides on microbiomes of plants and pollinators, consequently the effects on host health and ecosystem.


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