Visa Kuntze
 Doctoral Researcher

  • Doctoral CandidateStatistics (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Doctoral StudentStatistics (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)

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Areas of expertise
Macroeconometrics; Multivariate Time Series Analysis; Binary Time Series Models


I started studying Economics in the Turku School of Economics in 2015. During my studies, I developed a passion for time series analysis and statistical methods and eventually wrote my Master's thesis on time series econometrics. After graduating as Master of Social Sciences in Economics in 2020, I started as a Doctoral Researcher in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in 2021 under the supervision of Associate Professor Henri Nyberg. 


My research focuses on creating new methods for modelling and predicting macroeconomic data in rapidly changing or otherwise unusual economic conditions, such as crisis periods or periods of abnormally low interest rates. 


I am currently the co-lecturer on the Basic Course in Statistical Inference (TILM3555). In the past, I have been the teaching assistant on many different courses, including Time Series Analysis, Multivariate Time Series Analysis, Linear and Generalized Linear Models and Advanced Regression Analysis and Statistical Learning. I have really enjoyed teaching and hope to get more opportunities for it in the future.


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