Elina Honkasalo


Areas of expertise
Stress; stress management; recovery; mindfulness; psychological flexibility; occupational wellbeing; work–life-balance; resilience


My doctoral research focuses on work-stress recovery, and I am especially interested in studying if recovery can be improved through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy-based training intervention.


Spring 2023: M&O's bachelor's thesis supervisor

Fall 2022: JO1 Johtajuus, työssä onnistuminen ja hyvinvointi

Spring 2022: Tutor teacher for first-year management and organisation students

Fall 2021: JO1 Johtajuus, työssä onnistuminen ja hyvinvointi

Spring 2019 & 2021: TEVY-Yrityselämään! - Liiketoiminta ja projektityöskentely course

I also guest lecture at other courses and outside University on regular basis.


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