Marja Turunen
 Postdoctoral Researcher, PhD

Management and Organisation

+358 29 450 6116

+358 50 443 0333

ORCID identifier

Areas of expertise
Organizational Consciousness; Digitalization; Organization and Management; Organizational Behavior; Innovation; Blockchain.


Marja holds a PhD (DSc in Technology) from Aalto University, an MBA in Strategy, from Aalto University and University of Washington, and an MA in Psychology. Her PhD discovered the consciousness-based view of organizing by
applying quantum storytelling methodology. Her current postdoctoral research revolves around organizational consciousness, innovation and digitalization. She is interested in strategic consciousness-based digitalization. Her research has been published in journals, books and conference proceedings of Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society, European Group of Organizational Studies, Information Federation of Information Sciences among others.


Marja's research revolves around consciousness and digitalization in strategy, management and innovation. She has been addressing qualitative research methods, such as quantum storytelling methodology, to explore organizational consciousness and the fusion of consciousness and digitalization in the organizational contexts. She is motivated by creating sustainable future for the next generations.


Marja is currently supervising research. She has been teaching International Master Courses on Sustainable Human Resources Development at School of Business, Aalto University; and International Business and Strategic Management at School of Science, Aalto University and created a new course for Board level HR Executives at Aalto Executive Education among others. She has lectured on entrepreneurial psychology, business management and managerial accounting. She has given invited lectures on her research topic of organizational consciousness in various universities such as in Stanford University, USA.

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