Tuomas Kauti

  • Doctoral Student, Geology (Department of Geography and Geology)
  • Project Researcher, Geology (Department of Geography and Geology)

Department of geography and geology


Office: 509

Areas of expertise
Structural geology;3D-modelling


The working title of my PhD research: The network of dolerite dykes within the Archaean Siilinjärvi carbonatite complex – Common Earth Modelling approach integrating dyke geometry, kinematics, palaeostress & geophysical imaging. I focus on the structural analysis of the geological framework of the Siilinjärvi carbonatite complex along with the construction of a high-resolution 3D-model of the dolerite dykes transecting the complex. Delineating the dyke network is important for the mining operator since this helps to calculate the ore estimates more correctly. The gained information about dyke cross-cutting relations is also valuable when considering the tectonic evolution of the area.


I have acted as a teacher in bedrock geology field courses directed to Pirkanmaa region, Åland (Brändö) and central Sweden. This is something I enjoy and hopefully I get to do in the future also. In spring 2018 I teached basics about rocks and minerals for students conducting their pedagogical studys (MAAN6730) and I have also done some fill-in teaching in 3D-modelling courses.

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