Iuliia Zhelezovskaia
MA, Doctoral Candidate


ORCID identifier: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6233-962X

Areas of expertise
EFL; foreign language learning; foreign language teaching materials; ICT; teachers' training; teachers' views

Iuliia Zhelezovskaia is currently a Doctoral Candidate at the Department of Teacher Education, University of Turku. Her doctoral research investigates the use of the teaching materials (the textbook, information and communication technology (ICT), and other material) in the German and Russian as a foreign language classroom from teachers' perspective in Finland. Iuliia was awarded a Master's degree in Education at Karelian State Pedagogical University in Russia as well as a Master's degree in Education from the international programme Learning, Learning Environments, and Educational Systems, University of Turku.


The research focuses on the use of the teaching materials in German and Russian as foreign language classrooms from teachers' perspective in Finland. The core of the research is the teacher and the teacher's experience. The study investigates how foreign language teachers use the teaching materials in isntruction, what trainign is provided to them, what challenges they are faced with when using the teaching materials, and how the teaching materials and other resources support teachers' instruction.


Iuliia has teaching experience. Previously, she worked as an English as a foreign language teacher on
primary and secondary school levels.

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