Marja Rautajoki
Doctoral Student, Master of Arts in German language, BBA

+358 29 450 4042

+358 50 412 4451

Office: Entrepreneurship, 4th floor, room 4.28

WORK2021 Conference

ReGrow research project

TYHE Työelämän ja henkilöstöasioiden opintokokonaisuus

Areas of expertise
linguistics; content analysis; text analysis; German language; platform economy; platform work


I work as a coordinator at TCLS Turku Centre for Labour Studies. My responsibilities include coordinating educational, research and societal interaction matters. I am also in charge of all general administrative and communiucational tasks of the unit. I also take part in coordinating, planning and teaching in Working Life and Personnel Issues study programme TYHE. 

I am doing my doctoral studies in Utuling doctoral programme of language and translation studies. My major is German language. 


I am writing my doctoral thesis on platform work in Europe. 

In my doctoral thesis, I study the discussion on platform work, its status and the meanings it receives from the perspective of different actors and influencers in the EU's economic and cultural area. 

My core research questions are: 

1. How is platform work described in the German and Finnish written media in 2017-2021 and how the meanings of platform work differ in both languages?
2. How do platform workers talk about platform work in Germany and Finland?
3. How do actors in the international labour market position platform work? 
4. What kind of representations are produced by platform companies related to employer image and societal agency?

As data I use online newspaper article, interviews, publications of International Labour Organization ILO and websites and other public profiles of platforms that intermediate work. 

The goal of my dissertation is to compile a multi-voiced image of platform work and discussion on it.  


Toimin vastuuopettajana TYHE3 Työelämän perustietoa sekä TYHE5 Työelämän ajankohtaisia aiheita opintojaksoilla. 


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