Ville Kaukonen
 M.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.) / KTM (laskentatoimi ja rahoitus)


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Areas of expertise
Financial Engineering and Econometrics; Programming Languages (MATLAB, Python, R, VBA); Statistical Data Analysis; Quantitative Modeling and Optimization


I am a newly graduated Master of Science in Economics and Business
Administration from Turku with a solid background in Accounting and
Finance. During my studies, I specialised in quantitative finance and
wrote my master’s thesis about portfolio management with a particular
emphasis on risk management. As proof of my commitment to
producing high-quality results, my thesis got rewarded with the highest
possible grade. I have also studied business law extensively as a minor
subject and excelled particularly in courses related to tax, company,
and contract law.

The research and writing process of my thesis sparked my interest in
securities market analyses and the development of algorithmic
investment strategies. I am currently participating in doctoral courses
held in Helsinki by the Graduate School of Finance since my ambition is
to write a doctoral thesis about the applicability of Machine Learning
technologies in the field of asset allocation in the following few years.
Furthermore, as I highly enjoy working in international teams, I have
focused on further improving my excellent language and
communication skills: In addition to Finnish, English, and Swedish, I also
speak fluent Russian.


My current research is related to quantitative finance, especially portfolio optimization and risk management. 



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