Evangelos Markopoulos
Dr. (Computer Science), Senior UTU Fellow (Teaching and Research)

Faculty of Technology. Department of Mechanical Engineering


Joukahaisenkatu 3-5 20520 Turku Finland

ORCID-tunniste: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5147-8002


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The Company Democracy Model

Innovation Management (Disruptive); Entrepreneurship (Social and Sustainable); Knowledge Management; Software Engineering; Project and Operations Management; Strategic Management and Leadership; Futuristic Interactive Technologies (Gamification, VR, AR, Metaverse)


Dr. Eng. Evangelos Markopoulos is an expert, entrepreneur, and scholar on Innovation Management (Disruptive), Entrepreneurship (Social and Sustainable), Knowledge Management and startup-development and funding. He holds a BA on Computer Science, an MSc on Computer Science/ Artificial Intelligence, and an PhD on ICT Project/Investments Management.

As a Computer Scientist he worked mainly in the USA and at ΙΒΜ, at Siemens and at Bell Laboratories of AT&T. In academia Dr. Markopoulos taught for many years in several businesses school in the UK (QMUL, UCL, U. of Essex, RHUL, SOAS, HULT) and conducted research for the same schools and others (University of Turku, TUAS-Finland Zayed University UAE). He published more than 120 papers in double blind peer reviewed academic journals and conferences, one book on Innovative Organizational Cultures, and edited 3 international conference proceedings.

As an innovative entrepreneur and businessman, he established and managed the EMPROSS Group of companies consisted of: EMPROSS Strategic IT Consultants, Athens, Greece (Project Management), Sparthink Technologies, San Francisco (Innovation & Apps Development, SmartGATE, Cairo Egypt (Enterprise Engineering), and Sophia147+, London, UK (Knowledge and Innovation Management).  He invested and developed several technologies and innovations in Process & Project Management & Engineering.

During his professional career he taught more than 200 international corporate and executive education programs, seminars, and workshops to more than 10.000 professionals at all levels (executives, managers, directors, business owners, etc.) organized by corporations, universities, industrial associations, and federations.

Dr. Markopoulos works well on bridging industry and academia with practical research and industrial, projects and initiatives. His teaching is based on the Applied Philosophy concept he invented by integrating in class the thinking and reasoning of major philosophers (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Voltaire, Descartes, Kant, Confucius, Smith, Bacon, etc) through which he achieves high results in student performance, satisfaction, engagement, and commitment. He brings in class the integration of his academic and industry experience and works closely with the students by offering academic and industry opportunities (internships, competitions, challenges). 

His successful coaching and mentoring impact the knowledge, careers, and future of his students.  The last five years he achieved with his students, many international awards and distinctions on global social and sustainable entrepreneurship projects and competitions (UK, Norway, Santo Domingo, Malaysia, Vietnam, Egypt, Japan, Lebanon, China, Canada, Spain, Colombia, France, to mention a few), winning two times the UNs Global Social Entrepreneurship Award (Hult Prize), and receiving a letter of recognition from the former US President William Jefferson Clinton.  


Since 2010 Dr. Markopoulos directed his research on the development of the Company Democracy Model (CDM). 

His first book on the CDM has been published and now works on the second book and third book focused on Non-Hierarchical Organizations Structures and the  Transition towards Sustainable and Social corporate strategies.  The model is based on knowledge management for sustainable and shared value innovation through corporate entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship initiatives.   The main idea of the model is the utilization of the human intellectual capital, the most sustainable fuel, that resides within an organization towards developing sustainable innovation that contributes to the alignment of the organizations with the UN2030 sustainable development agenda and the development of ESG and CSR targets and strategies.

The following years he plans to work on the evolution of my work on CDM and its application towards reaching Green (Sustainable) and Pink (Social) Oceans, as transitions mechanisms for sustainable corporate development.

His previous research on Sustainable and Social innovation strategies resulted in the development of the GREEN OCEAN STRATEGY and the PINK OCEAN STRATEGY respectively.   These two papers inspired him, and others, to explore new corporate strategies and new ventures aligned with the UN 2030 agenda and the ESG criteria.


KTEK0064: Applied Social and Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Theory, Practice and Opportunities.          

The course is designed to inspire students explore social and sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship in theory and practice with a number of real-life opportunities offered by word class international organizations, offering the students opportunities to apply the content taught and make an impact in their academic studies and career development.  

This course is open for all students who wish to develop the skills and techniques to develop, test and turn an innovative idea into a new business idea.   

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