Satu Pajarre
 FM (MA)

ORCID identifier

Areas of expertise
sculpture; gender studies; visual studies; museology


PhD student, Art History, University of Turku.

MA (1999) Art History, University of Helsinki. Studies also in Aesthetics, Art Education and Gender Studies. Degrees in Management and Leadership.

Currently working in the Museum Centre of Turku (Turku City Museums) as an Director of Exhibitions and Audience Engagement Department. 


In my dissertation “Pretty good for a woman - The position of Finnish female sculptors in the profession of sculpture during 1940–1970” I will study how and in what terms discourse, art institutions and general art publications and articles described and valued the work of female sculptor and their artistry. I analyse the discourse that defined sculpture: What kind of strategies and power relations the creators (“gate keepers”) of art speech possibly had during that time. What methods of valuation and identification were used to elevate female sculptors to the discourse of art (at the time) and finally to the canon of art history. How discourses influenced the status of female sculptors in the profession of sculpture.


University of Turku, Department of Museology
Studies of Exhibitions and Museum Education, temporary teacher 2005–2020

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