Teemu Mantsinen



+358 29 450 2652

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ORCID identifier: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6574-3409

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Areas of expertise
Religion; Culture; Cultural Studies; Ethnography of Religion; Sociology of Religion; Psychology of Religion; Anthropology of Religion; Religion and Language; Social Class; Pilgrimage; Apostasy; Leaving Religion


Docent (associate professor) of Study of Religion of University of Turku.

PhD from Study of Religion in University of Turku.


I have conducted research on Social Class and Religion, Pentecostalism in Finland, leaving religion, Pilgrimage and Orthodox Processions and Pilgrimage, of which I have collected original research materials.

My main interests of research and writing are culture and human behavior, social groups, religion, particularily Christianity, how people join, attend, interpret and leave religious communities and practice religion in private life. This includes ethnographical fieldwork, anthropological inquiry of sacred order in communities and social psychological processes in the group, psychological and rational choice actions of an individual who are or come in contact with religion and cultural expectations.


Social inequality, social class, culture and language; Sociology of Religion; Religious Field of Finland

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